Moles, those destructive little critters.

• A 5 ounce mole will consume 45-50 lbs of worms and insects each year.

• Moles can dig surface tunnels at approximately 18 feet/hour.

• Moles travel through existing tunnels at about 80 feet/minute.

• Moles contain twice as much blood and twice as much hemoglobin as other
mammals of similar size. This allows moles to breathe more easily in
underground environments with low oxygen.
How to get rid of moles in central Iowa.

Physically remove them by trapping.  Numerous research articles has
proven trapping is the most effective method of mole control.

Guarantee Results.  For moles, we don't charge a "consultation fee"
or "set-up fee".  
If we don't catch your moles, you don't pay - nothing for
the home owner to lose.  Unlike poisons, you see results with us.  If
someone claims to use poison worms (Talpirid) for mole control, you are just
taking their word that it is being effective.  With us, you see the dead mole.  
Guaranteed Results.

Most of the trapping programs are $69 for each mole caught.  If we catch
over six moles on your property in a season then the price drops to half
price per mole.  We specialize in South of Grand and Waterbury areas of
Des Moines.  We do not charge a one fee - catch all or monthly
subscription, it is in everyone's best interest to pay for only the moles
caught and causing the damage.  We come to your property at least weekly
to check traps and look for new damage.  Most city lots have between 2 and
6 moles per yard; although it is impossible to tell the number of moles by
just looking at the damage caused by them.

What about grub control?
Grubs only make a percentage of mole's diet.  They also eat earthworms
and other invertebrates.  Applying grub control may increase mole activity
by making moles work harder for the same amount of food.

Castor oil, electronics, poison peanuts for mole control?
No, No, No.  Moles eat bugs not peanuts.

More info?
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Mole damage
Typical Mole
damage to lawns
Classic Mole tunnell/damage
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At Complete Wildlife Control we are proud of our Guaranteed Mole Control in Des Moines, IA Iowa. Guaranteed Mole Eradication is our Goal for our customers and clients
Lawns in our professional Mole Removal service in Iowa. Pest Moles, Lawn Moles, and Yard Moles are what many people refer to the animal that digs up their yard and lawn
and flower garden and mulch bed. Moles in my yard is the common statement people make when they call about Getting rid of Moles or to Stop Moles in my yard or lawn or
mulch bed near Des Moines Iowa Guaranteed. We strive at keeping moles out to eliminate moles in Iowa. A true mole professional is needed for professional mole
eradication in central Iowa near West Des Moines. There are many ways people look to control moles and some of these are mole traps, mole poison, and mole removal
devices. Trapping moles is what we do when our customers and clients got moles in Iowa. Mole damage may be mole runs, gopher mounds, (commonly mistaken for mole
lawn. In order to get rid of moles, control moles, and eradicate moles one must not get caught up in some of the other home remedies such as mole out, talpirid, molex, mole
away, moletox, mole worms, mole poison worms, windmills for mole control, mole gel, kaput, and mole med.  Mole problems generally show up as mole trails or a single
mole trail. We strive at keeping moles out to eliminate moles in Ames Iowa Guaranteed. They are referred to as mole pests and many times it takes yard pest control Iowa
and lawn pest control Des Moines, IA to get the job done. Other types of mole control that does not work are electronic mole control, milky spore mole control, castor bean
mole control, and other mole control home remedy or remedies.  We are a Guaranteed mole killer and it is our job to kill moles in Iowa. Killing moles is what we do as a mole
pro in Iowa. They are known sometimes as a little lawn wrecker, lawnwrecker. They are sometimes mistaken for gopher tunnels. People hate moles digging in my yard as
they make gopher holes or mole holes in Des Moines Iowa. Hire Complete Wildlife Control to effectively remove moles to have an effective mole control in Iowa Guaranteed.
Moles eating my plants, moles eating my bulbs are what we often hear of moles doing however they are strictly insectivore, not eating any plant matter in Iowa. Earthworms
not grubs make up 80 to 90 Percent or most of the mole food. Earthworms are the main reason for the mole activity in your yard or flower garden or mulch bed. Study shows
earthworms as the primary food source of the Mole.
What does a mole look like
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