About Our Business

All we do is wildlife; no bugs, no termites, no bees.  There are VERY
few full time nuisance wildlife control company in central Iowa that
exclusively does wildlife, we don't address insects and spiders!   
When you call on us to serve you, you will be assured of the most
knowledgeable staff.  We will provide honest answers, not scare
tactics and mis-information.  We hold a Biology degree and life-long
animal control experience.

Today, as more and more people build and move they find their
dream homes being damaged by wildlife intent on sharing their
homes with them.  Animals cause millions of dollars in damages
yearly in direct destruction to roofing, siding, gutters, and insulation.
As well as millions more in indirect damages from water leakage
and fires caused by compromised wires and clogged flues.
Repairing the damage often isn't enough. The problem animals will
only return if not caught and removed. This is where we can help you,
the home or business owner.

Here at Complete Wildlife Control LLC we provide professional
nuisance animal control services. Using only the most safe and
humane methods, we can exclude, and if needed, capture and
remove the offending animals. If  the customer requests, we then try
to relocate them to suitable homes well away from situations where
they might cause more problems.

If you have animal damage problems,please give us a call. We can
Phone:  515-577-4947

Complete Wildlife Control LLC
PO Box 94
Bondurant, IA  50035-0094
If you own or know
of suitable
relocation areas
please email us!
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Putting your mind at ease.
Complete Wildlife Control Owner Mike Paine being
interviewed by WHO-TV concerning bat exclusion
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Ultrasonic bat control has not proven to work.  It is being
investigated by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Go to
www.ftc.gov and search "ultrasonic pest"

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