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Complete Wildlife Control LLC
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What to do about them?

Complete Wildlife Control LLC is a  private company in Iowa  
permitted by Iowa DNR, Iowa dept of Agriculture, and US Fish and
Wildlife to go beyond just harassing geese,  we are able to actually
limit the reproducing capabilities of Canada geese.  

Once geese start nesting, they become very territorial and
aggressive.  We can prevent this aggression and limit the size of a
resident flock of geese.  Remember, a pair of geese can become 50
geese in just a few years time.  Complete Wildlife Control will have
the necessary state and federal permits to make sure wildlife is kept
in check.
We already have customers lined up for the Spring nesting season.  
Contact us at (515) 996-6499 to discuss goose control so the appropriate
permits can be obtained.
Incorporating a goose control plan developed specifically for your
property by Complete Wildlife Control is beneficial by:

Eliminating unnecessary labor for sweeping, cleaning and other
means to remove goose droppings from paved areas and sports

Lost revenue from reduction in property value and loss of curb

Additional maintenance costs needed to keep ponds clean from
algae boom caused by an overload of goose feces in the water

Injuries caused by aggressive geese during the nesting season

Injuries and property damage from automobile accidents from
geese crossing roadways.
Why use Complete Wildlife Control?
We only use working Border Collies because it is the only dog breed among other herding dogs that use a wolf-like
stalking manner as predatory behavior and threatening. But actually, the geese are never touched and are perfectly
safe. In fact, all other dogs are perceived as nuisance or just not predatory.
We also hold multiple certificates in wildlife management and as a certified dog trainer.  We have many years of
experience and knowledge of wildlife patterns.  We know our wildlife and our canines.   Complete Wildlife Control is
devoted in controlling Canada geese through humane and environmentally friendly methods.  Our goal is to provide
you with a safe, clean and goose-free site.  We are affordable, reliable and most importantly… effective.  We also are
Certified Goose Management Professional
Certified Dog Trainer
Animal Behavior College
National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA)
Iowa DNR certified nuisance wildlife control operator
Complete Wildlife Control has been in business eleven years.
Our border collie’s father was 2010 International Supreme Champion in sheep herding.  He originated  in      
Scotland. Also the mother of our dog is a third generation goose dog who is currently working in Canada.

Meet Rex, Complete Wildlife Control's
trained Goose dog.  Rex is a fourth
generation goose worker with his father
being 2010 International Supreme
Champion in Sheep herding.
Meet Kit, Complete Wildlife Control's
second trained Goose dog.  Kit is an nine
year old goose worker coming from
Valley Goose Chasers in New York

Kit doing her thing , swimming after geese!

Meet Mac, Complete Wildlife Control's
third  trained goose dog.  Mac comes from
North Carolina